Sam & Alice's
Millenium 2000 RV Travel Log

Updated September, 2001

Alice got her wish. We began the New Year of 2000 visiting with our three off-spring in Northern California.

February included a test trip to Quartzsite in our new runabout rig, a celebration of our wedding anniversary with my sister in Palm Desert, and an outing with Escapees Chapter 13.

In March it was a time to reorganize and get the Jojoba Hills website up and running. Since both my sister Rosemary and I had birthdays during the month, we made a trip north to Hanford to celebrate our birthdays together. Then we went back down to Palm Desert to spend more time taking it easy. Finally at the end of the month we returned to Jojoba Hills. Then it was back to Jojoba Hillls. You can read about all these events in logs and the few details I bothered to write down.

The big event in April was the Spring Escapade in Lancaster followed by the first half of May spent at Jojoba Hills. Then our daughter Deb came down and we all set off for three weeks of looking over the canyon lands of Arizone and Utah. We took some great pictures along the way.

When June came along we were still on the road as we finished our trip to Utah. We finally returned to Jojoba Hills where we hurriedly packed up and stored things away so we could head north. We visited our California children and grandchildren. Then we traveled up the coast through Oregon to Washington. See the April, May, and June logs for comments about that leg of our life's trip.

July began with our rig sitting in the back yard of our son's home in Spanaway, Washinton, with our granddaughter's wedding going on in the front yard. After the festivities ended we headed for Canada and the Escapees Fun Days. See the July log for tales of Canada, the Calgary Stampede, and Fun Days.

In August we were back in Washington for some peace and rest at Mt. Vernon and Birch Bay TTN Parks. Then it was back to our son's home in Spanaway, Washinton. See the August log for what's happened so far.

September began with our rig still sitting in the back yard of our son's home. But as soon as the Labor Day rush is over we head to Chehalis TTN Park and on into Oregon. See the September log for what's happened so far.

See the October log for what's happened so far.

See the November log for what's happened so far.

See the December log for what's happened so far.

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