Sam & Alice's
2002 RV Travel Log

Updated February, 2003

January started with the New Year's Eve party in the Clubhouse. Then our son JC (David) and his wife Krista came by on their way to Ohio. I mailed in my submission of the first three chapters of Memphis 7.9 for the Southern California Writer's Conference and decided on the Plan I medicare supplement with AARP. At the end of the month we headed off to Arizona to visit Alice's brother Chuck.

In February Dr. Jury gave me a new prescription for glasses and informed me that my cataracts were getting so bad this was probably the last try. Then at the Annual Meeting I was elected president of the Board, sealing my fate for the next year. We did go to see the Lion King in LA, to San Diego for the Southern California Writer's Conference, and to Laughlin for a couple of nights. I had some tests with Dr. Wood but found I could not get a referral for needed followup work because of health insurance screwups.

March was a busy Board month with work on employee health policies, purchasing procedures, and peaked roof trailers. We attended the Escapade in San Bernardino. Since I was finally on medicare I made an appointment to see Dr. Wood for further tests. Then it was back to Jojoba Hills for more business.

rig in Anza Borrego desertIn April we spent our time around Jojoba Hills doing business. I began searching for a new office manager and did a query letter to my first agent.

In the May log you can read about our short trip to Verdi Valley TTN park. Our toilet broke along the way to add to the excitement, but we had a good time away from the park. But it was only a week and during the rest of the month we hired a new office manager and I got my first rejection letter.

The June log covers time at Jojoba Hills on a variety of problems. Bertha left and Deanne came in to take over the office. I had a reaction to Plavix and at the end of the month I sold Worldcom for 7 cents a share.

In July we worked on our Automate, replacing the toilet and fixing the blinds. I got a positive response from an agent who wanted to see my manuscript. We had planned to meet son Michael in Las Vegas but the weather was so hot we chose to visit Rancho Oso TTN park on the coast instead. I had more medical tests after returning to Jojoba Hills and got some interesting comments on my book, including yet another rejection.

The August log tells of preparing for our trip to northern California, including taking care of more business at Jojoba Hills. Then finally we took off for a 5 week trip away from the park, visiting relatives along the way.

The September log details our first serious traveling in over a year. Our daughter Deb joined us and we went up the coast of California. I was able to attend a writer's conference in Crescent City, then we came back over to Lassen Park and down the backside of the Sierras.

In the October log you can read about our trip to the Southern California Writer's Conference in Oxnard and subsequent journey to Buelton for the Automate owner's rally. There was also more Jojoba business as the membership started to return.

In November we journeyed to Livermore to pick up our new/used 25-foot Automate fifth-wheel. The next week I went in for cataract surgery on my left eye and the family came down for Thanksgiving. Board business continued to grow.

The December log tells of more Board activity, surgery in my right eye, Christmas and the New Year's Eve.

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