Sam & Alice's
2003 RV Travel Log

Updated December, 2003

In 2003 January was a busy month getting ready for the Annual Meeting. In February we had that meeting and after a week Alice and I finally took off for a short loop through Arizona. This was a good test of how traveling in our new 25 foot Automate would be.

In March we put things together, figured out how to load the new rig, finished with the Board business, and headed out for our summer trip back to Ohio then through Yellowstone. April tells about our travels as far as Memphis. May was spent in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Ohio with lots of storm warnings and rain. That is when I made the decision to self-publish Memphis 7.9 and staying at our son's place provided a good opportunity to accomplish that fact.

After making it to Kansas in May and visiting with Alice's sister we headed on west the first week of June to tour Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks with our daughter, Deb. In July we drove over to Washington and toured the Columbia River Gorge and St. Helens. After Deb left us we headed back down towards California, visited our friends the Finks in Truckee and finally made it back to Jojoba Hills.

During August I again entered involvement with Jojoba Hills but we did make it over to Oceanside and Pio Pico for a week, enough time to pick up some meds in Algodonas. We hung around Jojoba Hills in September and became members of the Elks. October we went off to Oxnard for the Southern California Writers Conference only to return to some more problem. I took on the responsibilities of Vice President of the Board to help Dave Williamson who was the new President.

November was a month to get involved with the budget, but we still had a trip planned to head north to spend Thanksgiving with our kids in Northern California. When we returned in December I was immersed into the problems of Jojoba Hills and had scheduled meetings with our doctors. We did spend our Christmas and New Years with our friends at Jojoba.

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rig in Anza Borrego desert

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