Sam & Alice's
1999 RV Travel Log

Updated on February 20, 2000.

date trees at Palm Springs TTNThe year of 1999 was an eventful year as we continued our journeys around the country, living the life of the semi-afluent homeless.

We began January, 1999 in Palm Springs and then headed off to Quartzsite for a week of boondocking and checking out the scene, and what a scene it was.

At the start of February we celebrated our wedding anniversary in Las Vegas and spent some time in Pahrump, Nevada, to stay at the Pair-a-Dice SKP Co-op Park and see Death Valley. Then back to California for stays at Wilderness Lakes TTN park

In March we moved further south to the Pio PicoTTN and Oakzanita TTN parks. We spent a week boondocking at the Jojoba Hills SKP Resort. That was so nice we put our name on the list for a site when one became available. We did not realize how quickly time could pass.

April began at a distinct low point. On April 1st we drove to Hanford, California where we have family, and that night I had a heart attack. What a downer. After a brief hospital stay, we spent time in northern California to be with the Diablo Caravaners and go to the Spring Escapade in Chico. We then headed north and visited Timberline SKP Co-op in Sutherlin, OR.

Then in May we moved on to Washington to visit our son and his family. It was there our long-time friend Misty finally passed away, but our son filled the void with a new pet, Wolf. Then it was a rush back to southern California. We received word we had a lot at Jojoba Hills SKP Resort!

We spent three weeks, mostly in June setting up at Jojoba Hills. Finally we started our trip north and east to be at Escapees Fun Days in Michigan.

We made it as far as Minneapolis by the first of July. We had planned to see fireworks in St. Paul, but the weather was so hot we watched PBS instead. Then it was over to Escanaba, MI for Fun Days, afterwhich we headed southward for our look around Tennessee.

We started August in Kentucky, near Evansville. Then we visited the Paducah area for three days. From there it was to Tennessee, first to the Natchez Trace TTN Park and then to Cherokee Landing TTN and points in Arkansas to see the Mississippi River Valley in detail. Finally we headed west, going through Branson on the way to Kansas and Oklahoma to see relatives. It was a hot time to be in that part of the country!!

In September we moved over to the Texas panhandle for a couple of days then to Ruidoso, NM, again to visit relatives. Next stop was Gallup where we stayed longer than expected because of slideout problems. Then we made it to Moab, UT and did our river rafting trip.

In October we returned to our base camp in Jojoba Hills and spent the entire month in one spot. I have to check out the October log once in a while myself to see what we did.

Then the second week of November we started moving again, journeying up to San Benito TTN Park for an outing with the Diablo Caravaners. After that it was up to Lake Minden TTN Park and Thanksgiving with kids in Martinez. Then it was back south again. See the November log for details.

date trees at Palm Springs TTNThe first part of December was spent working on the Jojoba Hills website in southern California. Then we headed to Hanford for Christmas. We moved up to the Sacramento area to spend the New Year with our three off-spring. It was great fun.

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