Our Magical Book Tour
A continuation of
RV Travels with Sam & Alice

Updated June, 2004


Our rig at Jojoba Hills in the winter Last spring's flowers at Jojoba

Our Rig at Jojoba Hills (yes, that's snow) ------ Some Local Jojoba Flowers


At the Jojoba Hills SKP Resort Annual Meeting on February 5, 2004, my three year term on the Board of Directors ended. Phase III of my life was over. Once again I had the chance to really retire. Alice and I were presented with the chance to get back into travel mode.

This page begins the story of Phase IV, a trip to the central and eastern United States planned to last at least eleven months. The driving force for this trip is a book tour to market Memphis 7.9 and the subsequent books of The 7.9 Scenario.

In addition to visiting some relatives and doing book signings and talking on radio along the way, I made arrangements to attend five major conferences and bookfairs.

Our first scheduled stop is the MidSouthCon 22, a Science Fiction Conference in Memphis on March 26 where Memphis 7.9 is a finalist for the 2004 Darrell Award for Best Science Fiction featuring the Memphis area. Next stop is the Book Expo America in Chicago on June 4. From there we travel to Washington, DC to visit our son David and his family and attend the World Future Society 2004 Meeting July 31 where I am submitting a paper entitled "A 7.9 Magnitude Earthquake in the Central USA: A Truly Catastrophic Disaster." We head north to check out New England and then land in Boston on September 2 for the 62nd World Science Fiction Con. Next we drift south, hopefully following some of the fall colors. Along the way we plan to go by The National Earthquake Conference in St. Louis the end of September and the Southern Festival for Books in Memphis the second week in October. We are supposed to arrive in Miami by November 7 for the Miami International Book Fair.

On the way to Miami we plan to stop over in Orlando and inquire about a temporary job at DisneyWorld for the last part of November and all of December. We plan to head back west shortly after New Years and join the SKP Boomers in Quartzsite before returning to Jojoba Hills SKP Resort the first week in February, 2005.

You are invited to read our detailed travelogue of our Magical Book Tour trip. Each month is a separate page. Each landing site is identified by a Log Date entry like the one below:

Log Date: +2167: 040309: 31N25': 103W32': 2,600': near Pecos, TX

The first number is the number of days since we started retirement. The second number is the date (yymmdd). This is followed by the latitude and longitude of our camp site so we can find our way back some day. Then you find the elevation, most useful in the mountains, and finally the name of the location.

Our story begins in February, a month for getting ready. We thought we would leave well before the end of the month, but the Fates intervened and we did not leave until March. We reached Memphis on March 24 and stayed for two weeks, into April. After a successful visit we headed north to St. Louis and then back into Tennessee.

We began May in Tennessee and then worked our way through Oklahoma and Kansas on the way to Chicago for Book Expo America. In June we attended the PMA (Publisher's Marketing Association) "University" and BEA, then headed down to see the eastern half of Tennessee. By the middle of July we are due in Washington, DC.

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